Tiny me

An amatullah, daughter to super parents, tiny doctor, wife of a wonderful mine, future mother, sister, striving to be the best usage of the ummah, to be one of the bricks in building the nation insh’Allah biidnillah.


Reading & Writing

Cooking& Baking

Learning & Observing

Thinking & Thinking

Dreaming & Turning them into reality inshaAllah.

Loved writing in searching for the ONE love, the Redha of the ONE, and is trying to do everything for da’wah. InsyaAllah. May Allah, the ONE we bow to, bless our lives and may we be in Allah’s love dunia wal akhirat. InsyaAllah…

trying her best to fulfill Allah & Rasulullah s.a.w. Guidelines, inshaAllah.

trying her best to be beneficial to others, because that’s the best of people as narrated in a hadeeth.


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