It’s not easy to be a mother. True.
Thus I ask Allah awj to make me one who loves my children for the betterment of akheerah. To widen up my heart let them go when things seem so impossible. To let them find their way properly towards Allah awj’s Mercy. To let them be happy in jannah inshAllah, biidhnillah with Allah’s Will and Allah awj To be happy and content with them. If. Allah awj. Do allow me and is pleased with me in becoming one. O&G really opens up my heart and eyes to so many things, which explains the long silence and a short shoutout in this empty blog of mine. SubhanAllah. Children are indeed precious… but when we lose the main reason why Allah awj blessed us with children then… it becomes difficult to let them go. Either alive or when they return to Allah sooner than we expected. 


And dear comrades. It’s tough. This dunya is meant to be tough for the price of jannah isn’t cheap. Thus, be soft hearted to people who need it. Smile to people for you never know if you helped to reverse someone’s intentions to commit suicide the following day. Be truthful. Don’t be sarcastic and purposely hurt others when you yourself get easily hurt. Remember how the Prophet s.a.w dealt with everyone who comes his s.a.w.’s way. He dealth with them with such wisdom that my heart shatters when I do others wrongly. Call your dear ones even if it’s just a miscall. Share spontaneous reminders, hadeeth or ayahs from Quran for you never know this phrase would turn their life in a complete opposite manner. Open up their eyes and widen up their hearts to become closer with Allah awj. Be kind to elderly. Treat them like your own grandparents or treat them like how you would like to be treated when you’re old. Respect your brothers and sisters. Listen. And keep listening for when you listen you’ve lifted the heaviest of elephants on their shoulders.

Being a doctor is such a huge responsibility.  I thought I would cry most when in med school for all those long hours of studying and cramping things. But I then realized that working and dealing with people’s lives have such a huge responsibility.  I seriously ask Allah awj to lighten up the weight. Or actually make the shoulders more wide and stronger. Also, I learnt more about dunya, its occupants true hearts and Allah’s Mercy beyond all this.

Dear whoever I might hurt or sadden or upset.  Please forgive me for everything. 

Ya Allah.. Do forgive me for my ignorance and soften my heart to love others more than myself.



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