Keep it in.




1. stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens.

2. used to indicate that one is eagerly impatient to do something or for something to happen.

She looked at the glass wall  getting a clear view of the hangar. She was still standing as her eyes followed the landing of an airplane on the line. She took in a deep breath and out. “Allah.” Her eyes slowly closed and flashbacks reccur. At times, she wanted to review and just keep moving forward. But there were so many things happening in midst the hurricanes she could not even move. She sat down on one of the waiting chairs as she placed her right hand on her chest. Trying to withhold every miniscule of sadness. Parting. Something she fails in sincerely but she covered it with a strong out front. Thus, that explains why some people crumble so much when they part with people they love. Because at times, it is indeed intolerable. And that is why Allah awj Explains to us in one of the hadeeth mentioning that not only those who meet for the sake of Allah awj will attain His awj Shade, but also those who part for His Sake too. SubhanAllah.

And she slowly whispered to herself, asking her heart to not rumble and stay still, just bear a little more, as only a little more remains.

As she sat on the chair of the plane, she reached out an envelope, something which was passed to her with the reminder of only to open it once she was on board.

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“Dearest you,

Know that behind every gigantic mountains which stand, there lies a sea of time which they wait by, there stood a huge force of techtonic movements of earth which they undergo, there lies the heaviest clouds and rains which water them. There is a lot of things they go on, yet the only time they are promised to crumble is the day of judgement. Is when Allah says Kun, fayakun. And they don’t easily crumble before that Promised day comes. And I know, you. You have gone through a lot and you will always be. Don’t ask me why , but ask yourself why you are being placed on this and that situation, without you even ask of it or even tell of it. Know that for every single place you’re placed in, there is an ultimate reason why you’re placed there. Know that whatever happens in the future or the past is changing us to be a better us. And not to turn back and be not better. Know that when you are lost, Allah awj is Al Haadi. The Guide. Know when you are lost in the dark, Allah awj Is An Nuur, The Light. And He’ll Light up ways you’ll never expect. And He s.w.t Is Ar Rahman, He never lets His slaves be in dark for so long, especially when you keep striving for the light. Know that even things don’t go okay for us, that means to Allah s.w.t it is indeed the most okay. Frown less, smile more. Sigh less, laugh more. Be happy. Even you feel the whole world is crushing upon you . Be as widest heart as possible even if you don’t feel like breathing anymore. For Allah s.w.t Knows exactly what is in your hearts, so you, can, never ever give up.”

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<p>Friends, lets remind each other that by rushing through our prayers, we are just short-changing ourselves by not having quality time with Allah. May He grant us all Khusyuk in our Salah and may we meet Him with a state of heart that He will be pleased with, Amin.<br /><br />

Sakeenah stopped and closed the envelope. She couldn’t describe the feelings exactly. She is in so many emotions albeit she is the most emotionless person she knew. Her shoulders shuddered as she was trying hard to control the waves of hurricanes, slowly hitting her. “Astaghfirullahiladhim.” Moments where she has to let everything go. Slowly disappearing in the windy air.

A phonecall came in.

“Salamualaikum! You’re on the plane yet??!”

“Waalaykumsalam warahmatullah ya hayati. Not yet. Soon inshAllah!” She tried sound chirpy.

“You cried?”

“Nooo. Why should I?”

“Aargh. You should have!” Sumayya laughed forcedfully.

“How’s your mom?” Sakeenah asked

“Alhamdulillah good. She misses you though. More than me. Which I think is good but I’m jealous too. Which is okay but not that okay. Lol.”

“Listen. Come down to Bandung once you’re settled okay. It’s a bit unlikely for me to come back here in a short time.”


“Hrm, I just speaking out what my heart says…”

“No no no. That’s emotions. Which is not you. Nope. You’re coming soon. InshAllah. Make aims, think Big!”

Silence settled in. And the wonderful part of their relationship is in those silences they understood each other the most.

“Don’t change too much. Don’t make the job change you too much. Harden your heart or voices. Don’t make it change from that soft hearted friend to someone hard hearted. Just do everything how the Prophet s.a.w does things okay. I’m missing you a lot. Like super missing you, but I’m keeping strongly well too. Just make sure this missing you is worthwhile because I want us to remember one another in duaas consistently and just, keep healthy and firm.”

And in 3 miliseconds with a short salam, the call ended.

Sakeenah smiled, mind flashing back memories she first met Sumayya and how that relationship has bloomed. Allah. Thank YOU Allah for such wonderful people.

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And whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger – those will be with the ones upon whom Allah has bestowed favor of the prophets, the steadfast affirmers of truth, the martyrs and the righteous. And excellent are those as companions.

[Al Quran, Surah An Nisa’ : 69]

The Prophet ﷺ once came upon his companion, Thawban (may Allah be pleased with him), and noticed that he looked sad.  He immediately asked him,

“O Thawban, what has changed your appearance?”

Thawban replied, “O Messenger of Allah, I do not have any sickness or any pain except that I feel discomfort when I do not see you, so I seclude myself completely until I meet you. Then I remember the hereafter and am afraid that I will not see you there. I know that you will be with the Prophets, and if I enter Jannah, I will be in a level lower than yours. But if I do not enter Jannah, then I will never see you again.”

<p>Jumaa Mubarak friends. Today we ask ourselves “Are we ready to face Allah, our Creator and our Beloved?” May Allah accept our sincere deeds this blessed Friday, Amin.<br />

Lessons from this Narration:

  • The eagerness and love of the Companions to see and be in the presence of the Prophet ﷺ. They loved him so much that, when they did not see him, their sadness was noticeable in their appearance and affected their health.
  • The care of their teacher and friend. The Prophet ﷺnoticed Thawban’s sadness and asked him about it right away.
  • The Companions constantly thought about the hereafter. They did not assume they would enter Jannah because the Prophet ﷺ was in their midst.
  • The Prophet ﷺ only spoke when he knew the answer or after Allah sent revelation to him. Here we see that the Prophet ﷺ did not respond to Thawban, but rather Allah (swt) responded to His Servant.
  • The Mercy, Generosity and Kindness of our Rabb. Allah takes care of His believing servants in this life and in the next and He takes care of their affairs. How can anyone despair when their Rabb is Ar-Raheem (the Lord of Mercy)?
  • The reminder for the believer to be humble. Our deeds will not take us to Jannah, rather we will only succeed with the Mercy of Allah (swt).
  • An ease for the believers. We will never be like the Prophets (may Allah be pleased with them), but by obeying Allah and His Messengers, we can be in their company bi’ithnillah (with the permission of Allah).
  • This hadith is a bushraa (good news) for you and me. We have lost our chance to be with the Prophet ﷺ in his lifetime, but Allah (swt) has given us an opportunity to be with him eternally. Let us strive for this opportunity.

My View of Sahabats

When we travel a lot in this world, we tend to cross paths with lots of people. People who meant a percent to you to people who meant 200 per cent to you. People who despise you, people who would sacrifice themselves for you. And for me, I always liked to think of myself being this invisible sahabat to others. Let them know that I can do the best I can and so that they will forget me once we don’t meet. I thought it was as easy as I imagined, but subhanAllah, it was really hard. Just imagine. Someone who meant a lot to you. Someone you finally found that click with. Those precious moments of silence and you both understand one another without any verbal communication. And that someone you never hesitate to call or tell anything out of the heart. And that someone who used to understand you out and in. But Allah awj Tests you with that someone completely forgetting about that meaningful relationship. And for once, you feel. Betrayed? SubhanAllah. Indeed, the shaytaan works in the most delicate ways. The more you say that you’re strong, there will be strong points they will be hunting for to attack. Thus, sahabats to me are people that Allah Sent, which it’s up to ourselves to adjust, readjust the heart and ask ourselves if those sahabats are built  for Allah awj’s Sake. And not only saying by mouth, but by actions most importantly. Those times are, when you ask yourselves again and again to whom should I put my full trust with. And it’s always most of the times, we learnt that Allah a.wj. Is the only place we should put full trust and reliance upon. Allahuakbar. Sometimes, we must undergo some huge bumps in the roads to see the light of truth and to know more of Allah awj, Al Malik, The Ruler.

May Allah forgive our sins and grant us this excellent companionship in the hereafter. Ameen.

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Allah Knows Best.


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