Fill My Heart, ya Rahman.


رحمن يا رحمن

ساعدني يا رحمن
اشرح صدري قرآن
أملأ قلبي قرآن
واسقي حياتي قرآن

لله لله يهفو أملي لله
ولحفظِ كتابِ الله
من أولِ باسم ِ الله
للختم وللرضوان

يا نور يا نور
يا مــُـحكم يا تنزيل
لمحمد عن جبريل
من رب العرش دليل
للعالم والأنسان

تكبير تكبير
للحافظِ وهو صغير
وضـّاء العين قرير
يحملُ فجراً ليــُـنير
بتلاوته الأكوان

الله الله اللهم اجمعنا
بكتابك و انفعنا
واجعله لنا حصنا
وهدى أبدا وأمان 

Rahman (The Most Merciful), O’ Rahman

Aid me, O’ Merciful

Fill my heart (with love) of Quran

Open my chest to Quran

And pour the Quran down into my life.

For Allah, for Allah

My desire for Allah is passionate

So I can learnt the book of Allah

To start with Bismillah

For its closure (Al Quran) and His Approval

O’ Nur  O’ Nur

O Quran, you decended to the graduate

Unto Muhammad (saw) by Jibreel

Guided by the lord of Throne

For man and all that exist.

Takbir, takbir

For the one while young , who has learned the Quran

The eyes illuminate with serenity and content

Bearing the light of the Dawn, shining

And the universe enriched with the recitation

Allah Allah

O’ Allah, gather us together,

By Your Book. And make it a benefit for us.

Make it our fortress

Our tranquility and our eternal guide.


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