musafir mencari ilmu ALLAH

Ruffled & Reflect

Assalamualaykum wr wbt



May this post meets readers in the best of health, flying superly in the eeman inshAllah, and always smiling.

Another musafeerun post 🙂

up in the northern part of the country, after a month of looking-forward getaway for the heart!

This little amatullah just came back after a week packed with ups and downs and adventures. And of ruffles and reflection. All Praises to Allah awj for the ups and the downs. For every second of pain He awj Has Created for us, the ability to feel it, and most importantly, the opportunity to ask Him awj to expedite our sins. The bliss and smiles He awj Granted us upon and the most importantly the ability to make us feel appreciated and thankful to Him for giving us another chance to breathe for His Sake awj.


Thank YOU Allah for the feeling of sabr, and the ability to be gratitude to YOU.

I dislike driving for some reasons- it’s just quite stressful and it wastes your adrenaline, thus therefore in conclusion, I usually take chance when there is a more capable driver than me to drive, and I steal times to sleep, or to look out the scenes, one of my favourite times in a vehicle.  And this trip most of the reflection consists of times when ‘driving’. SubhanAllah, the ability for the car to move and the ability for drivers to concentrate in the road sometimes make me so small. It’s how synchronized and how Allah awj Loves His Servants so much, He awj Makes them focus on the roads, and when all are in sync, inshAllah biidhnillah, collisions can be prevented. But it’s when one driver speeds up too much, not abiding the rules, like going above the speed limit. He can break that synchronization and can cause a collision aka accident, which not only affect himself, but can lead to fatality of others too. Allahuakbar.

A reflection for the deen, when one person doesn’t abide the guidelines set by Allah awj and goes according to what he wants, like follow the speed limit whenever he wishes too, picking up things he like and leaving what he doesn’t like.. This will cause trouble to himself first and foremost and also trouble to others too s’A.

Driving, indeed another blessing from Allah awj.

The best ever river-related thing I’ve done in my life, alhamdulillah! 😀

Gua Tempurung- Heart is super sadden, can’t do level 4 T_T, but DEFO inshAllah will come back to do the 4hour caving! Biidhnillah! 😀 

Jumping into holes, and alhamdulillah able to fit in! Haha! 

Crawling between stalagtites and stalagmites- My favourite part of caving! Really worked out the biceps and triceps.. forcedfully! 

Alhamdulillah, just finished visiting some of my favourite sahabats gathering people from 5 different states, and did one day of caving, night walk through in cities, white water rafting,  mini relief missions, bowling, lake boating, walks, jumpshots (our all-time favourite) , impromptu arabic sessions, and small sleeps.

Was the best week ever spent with them alhamdulillah.

Was forced to dive in the river from the boats in 5 seconds, then after that to dive back in the boat in another five seconds. I just basically wasted my 5 seconds laughing and the boat just left. Carried by the river currents to only Allah Knows where… And also got stuck in the boat after it capsized. Trying so hard to get out but couldn’t.  Left me dazed out for a good 10minutes, thinking about mawt and how fearing it is. Ya Allah. Defo a trip to recommend to sahabats who will be coming here one day i’A.

Jazakum Allahukhayran katheera NF and zawj , the newly wedded couple  and amazing family for such wonderful hospitality. Certainly one of the best families the heart feels warm with. Alhamdulillah. Looking forward to our next gathering before everyone disperse into their spores of work and families.

This proves me one thing 🙂 Separation and meeting for the sake of Allah awj feels happier than it seems. How I dislike separations and sayonaras… in my tiny opinion, the more you say goodbye, the more confident you’re going to meet with that person 🙂 To remember or not. To stay in contact or not, it’s not to do with far distances. It’s a choice which you can choose.

InshAllah will post more blogposts, just post recovery bad sunburn and diarrhoea…. inshAllah duaas requested!

Stay tuned 🙂



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