Peringatan Untuk Diri Terutamanya!

No Words Can Describe

Assalamualaykum wr wbt,

it’s when time is running out, I find time to scribble on my blog. Ya Allah.

Allahumma Yusahhil.

Missing that lifelong companion which I’m abandoning a bit. Ya Allah, please forgive me. T_T
Will get back on gear soon biidhinillah!

Interview is tomorrow, and I’ve got one thick book of OHCM to cover, Government Hierarchy to memorize….

Feels like, alhamdulillah.

So, visitors (wavewave) please keep this little abdullah in your duaas.  She’ll spring into action in updating this dusty blog inshAllah.


To share inshAllah, please listen with your hearts.

Jazakum Allahu khayr.


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