No Better than Animals.



Said Moses to his people, “Seek help through Allah and be patient. Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah . He causes to inherit it whom He wills of His servants. And the [best] outcome is for the righteous.”

[Al Quran, Surah Al A’raf128]


And this I promise you, is not made up. It’s 100% what happened based on a true eye witness in the field. 

14th August 2013

It was more intense than a massacre. It was much much more intense. That night before, they heard from some people that there was going to be something which will occur to them, the peaceful demonstrators of Rabia Al Adawiya, thus they waited. From night to the next morning, until fajr, they waited, still nothing happened. And then approximately 6AM, they heard shotguns from near. It was heard as if a boy was holding a game of gun shooting not knowing where exactly he was shooting. Yet he just shoot. Aishah was in a tent behind the stage where they usually do the demonstrations led by people of various backgrounds. Suddenly, there was an uproar of announcement reminding those sitting in the field that no one is to sleep anymore. And this was after most of them were staying up all night. The sounds of the guns were starting to get nearer and nearer it made Aishah stayed up alert, heart racing and mind was trying to catch up with what was happening around her. The two massacres which happen before this, they could hardly hear any sounds of shot guns, because they were quite a distant away. But this time, it was for real and the sounds of the shot guns was as if just next to them. Suddenly, gases were filling the morning air and even though there were from a distant away, most of them were suffocating, and this was phosphorus, a substance which can kill you if you inhale them too much. The exact poison used by the Zionists to attack the innocent ones in Palestine. From far, Aishah heard the sounds of a some shouting and people running. She recognized a loud shout and she could see Aminah, a pregnant mother of 7 months holding on to her head then fell, without any motion. She was martyred. Aishah could feel her entire face burning with the gas, and the shootings still did not reside, she felt the strong toxic eating up the outer skin and she could not see anything as well. She ran in the midst of the haziness trying to look out for anyone that she could help but every second passed so quickly, with every shooting, bodies were falling and there was not a slightest chance to help out. Bullets were being shot and helicopters flying above the heads were shooting with their snipers and a palm long bullets. And these bullets did not differ man or woman. Young or old. Pregnant or not. And these were civillians who were demonstrating peacefully without any weapons, only stones and these stones are only when they can be found. Hasbuna Allahu wa nee3mal wakeel.

credits: Al Jazeera

Aishah ran to the sisters area, and brothers were fighting, more of defending themselves out in the field. In the midst of the intensity, the brothers were very concern of the sisters’ safety, half shouting to them to run away or seek shelter and let the men fight against these creatures, which are worse than animals. Even animals care for their own kind. Ya Allah.

In 40 minutes since the shooting started, 40 people were dead, martyred iA, and that is one person per minute subhanAllah. Two of the cameramen who were shooting the incident were on the stage, and both of them were killed by the snipers on the helicopters. Aishah ran to the Rabia Hospital, she was very eager looking out for who she could help but there were many people in the hospitals trying to recover those who were injured in the midst of the dead bodies on the ground. She witnessed the actual brains coming out from people’s heads and she tried to shake her head, thinking that it was all a nightmare, but it was indeed a shocking reality that she had to swallow. Aishah ran and helped some of the women who were giving water to the frontline, she went to give water to them, and she could see the glowing sincerity that Allah azza wa jalla Has Blessed them upon, the sincerity of living and dying for His azza wa jalla’s Sake. At the frontline, she saw these huge army tanks going forward completely ignoring whatever was in front of them, and people were running away and slowly they fell as if they were boxes which was stacked together, as one by one, the army and police forces shot them mercilessly. The men saw Aishah and some of the sisters, and they shouted at the women to go away and seek shelter appropriately. Aishah ran to the pharmacy with some of the sisters as they tried to gather all the medications they could to bring into the hospital. In cases if the army was to burn down the pharmacies then, they would be no supplies of medications for the injured ones in the hospitals. Thus as swift as they could, they grabbed all the medications they could and ran into the hospital.

credits: Al Jazeera

She felt some bullets passing through her left arm and left leg. She was in agony but she still keep running. They could see the army approaching them at their right side and still they put trust in Allah azza wa jalla, whatever happens, it will happen for the best in His AWJ’s eyes. The army was still shooting bullets and throwing the phosphorus gases to the people and people were frantically running trying their best to help others. Aishah then looked out and went back to the frontline and helped to distribute water to the frontliners and she and some sisters broke rocks and passed on to them so they need not bend to collect the stones. As she ran back to the mosque to gather more water, she saw the police and army forces were already at the gates of the mosque, and she suddenly could not feel both her left leg and arms. Both of them were numb. She could not move. Some of the sisters pulled her into the mosque because she could barely move. Inside the mosque, the army were shooting at the injured people. She saw this with her eyes. And she stopped breathing. Dead people were burnt and she tried to recollect every single neurone in her mind why did they do that? The army was right behind her, and she saw the faces of the police and army faces. They were more than feelingless, they did not have any expressions as a human being at all. “You have 10 minutes to empty this building!!!” they shouted at the people who were in the mosque. Aishah could barely move and she sat on the chair looking around her. There was a brother aged 17 who was next to her, very badly injured and he looked at her.

“Go! Go cross the road over there ukhti! The army will kill you!” He told Aishah who still could not move much.

“Yes, akhi, give me time. I can’t move.” The brother then gave instructions to some of the sisters around Aishah to bring her to cross the road.

As she crossed the road, she looked at him at the other side of the road, who suddenly lost control of his entire body, he was rotating around and then Aishah could see all his limbs parlaysed, then he fell on the floor, right in front of her eyes. Aishah closed her eyes, innalillahiwainnailaihi rajiun.


“And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision,”

[Al Quran, Surah Ali Imran: 169]

Aishah saw bodies upon bodies were brought out of the mosques as they were hurrying up in the minutes the army were giving them. The martyred ones were women, men, very young ones, elderly. And there were people shouting if there is anyone out there to help them to get the bodies and the injured ones out. Aishah saw an elderly women doing sujood and she did not move at all, when asked to move she said she was doing sujood thanking Allah azza wa jalla for her daughter has died of a martyr. SubhanAllah. Aishah looked around, it was 9 or 10 am approximately, these were the people that were sent by Allah azza wa jalla to teach her very important lessons she could not get from anywhere else in this world. These people some she only gave salam once or twice were indeed her own family. Not the ones with blood ties but refuse to stand for the haq and spent their times watching television at the comfort of their homes. Suddenly she heard someone shouting asking for help “People of Rabaa, we need blankets!” No one moved, and again he shouted, “People of Rabaa, we need blankets and where are you going to run away from Allah’s Punishments if you don’t help us?!!!” People ran around helping those who were injured bringing blankets, and fulfilling the necessities. Some brought the injured ones back to their own homes to cure them. Aishah’s brother then came and brought her back home.

The sounds of the shot guns and snipers still replay freshly in Aishah’s mind. 14 hours of intense emotions s’A.  It was as if they were hitting on a brick wall. They do not even care for an atom who were they shooting. They just shot. Those who tried to obtain death certificate of their family members saying they were martyred didn’t obtain them, unless they were stated as committing suicide. They burn the masjeed intentionally, they kill the children, the people who were weaponless freely. Where in the world do even a living creature would do that?

 To the beautiful martyrs whom I seen, walked by, said sallams!!! I ask Allah swt as he had brought us together in Rab3aa to make us meet in Jannet el Ferdaws Allahum’ameeeen

Hasbuna Allahu wa nee3mal wakeel.

Make duaa for our brothers and sisters in Egypt, and spread the word, the haq especially to those who do not know. 

“Hey, the Islamic world! Your sisters and brothers are being slaughtered.
The justice, rights and conscious in Egypt are being slaughtered.
When will you hear it? When will you see it? When will you realize that the blood of your sisters and brothers are being shed?
You did not even realize it either in Syria.
Hundred thousand people were killed in there, you didn’t raise your voice.
You still silent. For how long?
But don’t forget, the same thing could happen to you tomorrow.” 

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Allah Knows Best.


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