It’s the second you forget.


A prayer performed by someone who has not recited the Essence of the Quran during it is deficient (and he repeated the word three times), incomplete. Someone said to Abu Hurayrah: [Even though] we are behind the imam? He said: Recite it to yourself, for I have heard the Prophet (may the blessings and peace of Allah be up on him) say:

Allah (mighty and sublime be He), had said:

I have divided prayer between Myself and My servant into two halves, and My servant shall have what he has asked for. When the servant says: Al-hamdu lillahi rabbi l-alamin, Allah (mighty and sublime be He) says: My servant has praised Me. And when he says: Ar-rahmani r-rahim, Allah (mighty and sublime be He) says: My servant has extolled Me, and when he says: Maliki yawmi d-din, Allah says: My servant has glorified Me – and on one occasion He said: My servant has submitted to My power. And when he says: Iyyaka na budu wa iyyaka nasta in, He says: This is between Me and My servant, and My servant shall have what he has asked for. And when he says: Ihdina s-sirata l- mustaqim, siratal ladhina an amta alayhim ghayril-maghdubi alayhim wa la d-dallin, He says: This is for My servant, and My servant shall have what he has asked for.

(Hadith Qudsi) 

5 more days for all those 5 years passed through.

Alhamdulillah. All Praises to Him azza wa jalla Who Created time and Gave time for His Servants to do the best with the time.

Was sitting with the closest sahabats I’ve lived 5 years under the same roof. They have lived with the real me of the most expressionful and they listened to all the Hwaaahs and hweeehs and hwuuhs. The humongous laughters and the tedious cries. Lending ears and hearts to the moaning lady who came back from stressful meetings in the middle of study circles. Lending eyes seeing outbreaks of rains and tornados of hormonal changes. Those long days of silences, unexpected ignorances and sudden burst of mania and showing off the latest shopping spree succeeded. SubhanAllah. And I wonder. How. In this tiny world. In this temporary dunya. Is the other. Going to even tolerate this abdullah.

All those funny ups and downs.

Seem to make sense. Only when they were sitting in the bus. And one said,

“I wonder in 5 years, if Allah will Let us live inshAllah, your daughter running towards me saying, “Aunty! Welcome! Ummi is in the house just finished an online meeting.”

We laughed, and looked at the window in a peculiar manner. My heart inside crunched and tears streamed without being asked. I know that this dunya is temporary, we meet, we part then if Allah Wills, we’ll meet again. But. No one can stop the feeling of missing each other which is planted so deep in the heart. I looked at their faces, thinking of them enduring years doing most of the cooking and baking all weirds and wonders as they know well that I love chocolates so much. Them taking time off texting me asking what do you want to eat and they pity me for always coming home late. Plates of Kerabu, Sushi, Lasagne, Chicken Soup, Chicken Jalfrezi, Beef Black Pepper, Lemon Custard Cake, Red Velvet, Victorian Sponge Cake and many more. I will surely miss them. But most importantly. Will definitely miss the warm hearts behind those wonderful cookings.

Surely will. Moments spent together in Relief Missions us being doctor wannabes and circumcision surgeons. And us taking baths in Borneo Rivers which rarest crocodile dens could be found. Surely will.

A Doctor after us finishing a tutorial looked up to us and say,
“I can surely guarantee that you all will be amazing doctors in the future inshAllah. Treat others not only via meds but with your hearts utmost importantly.”

They say, you get hurt easily with people you love most, and for me, these are the jannah Gang (biidhnillah) Doctors of the Ummah to be which I grew with, and easily get hurt with, but to be honest, I’m the one who hurts others the most (may Allah Forgive me!)


Our Love.

For His azza wa jalla’s Sake.

Overpowers all. 


Ganbate Guys, 5 more days, and bismillah- we’ll go musafeer after this! May Allah Grant us the best.

Keep us all Final Meds in your precious duaas please!

Allah Knows Best.


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