listen with your hearts

From Tie to Bow

Assalamualaykum wr wbt,

Just a video I tumbled upon on youtube.

Life, as rosy pinky and fluttering petals it could be,

There are some of those moments which will definitely test the patience bar,

and may Allah azza wa jalla Grant us Patience ameen! 🙂

This abdullah knows well she needs to sleepless strive for her exams which is the last lap and give up more of those naps and food and hehe and haha. But. She. Is. Still. Struggling. Thinking about the upcoming sayonaras. The moments where she anticipate for exams. Then results. Misses being noisy and quiet moments in meetings and ripping off chocolates as though no one was looking. Emailing as though there was no tomorrow and bullying her comrades as if they were her grandchildren. Sprinkled by the upcoming mysterious year or two (or three) or so in giving the best service to Him Azza wa Jalla. Looking forward to meet her aging grandparents and missing out big time her parents and brothers who apparently forgot to call her because everyone’s busy in getting hitched either or drowned in exams. With her sahabats too everyone gone missing with exams or with new sparks of lives.

Does she want attention- la’ ah of course not, she just want… a tiny duaa from them for her who is lost in the clouds.

And she is alhamdulillah very happy that Allah s.w.t is keeping her busy with her endless studies and neverending blanks and full of confidence answers when consultants ask her questions  and her jannah gang asked her the most basics stuff. And when comrades ask her to tasmi’ she goes more blank. SubhanAllah. May Allah Help her!

Hectic scenes buzz in her neurones, yet she still have the time to lay back at the tiny patches of fields at the rims of the hospital flicking through books and chatting away with one of her nearly twin sahabat.

“What motivates you eh? To stop sinning.”

Her sahabat asked her, and withing milisecond she felt a huge tornado slap on her face, right side.

She stopped flicking and thought for a few seconds.

“It’s a dull answer dude.
Her sahabat made a face and looked more on her, searching those truthfulness.

“Especially, right, when you have difficulties in controlling your heart’s desires.”

She smiled,

“Me? I take death as motivation. Biggest motivation.”

Never she missed any of those gatherings without talking about death. Not saying at all that this old woman is always prepared for death. But deaths make her think thrice before doing anything, to say harshly on someone, to leave them without love. To do actions which spark that fire which makes jealousy grows bigger. Deaths make her think a lot of what to present, on how to meet the Creator azza wa jalla in the most perfect way. Death makes her think that her mother, father, and dearest sahabats are all temporary, loans from Him azza wa jalla to test her. Death makes all the scrumptious meals go sour from lavishness to preferring just enough. And from tiniest of deeds to the most deeds she could grasp. From the sulking faces to the smiles she asked from Allah to End her life with. From backbiting to the best naseehahs she can convey to others. From stingyness and accumulating wealth for her and her hazy future family to striving to give to those who need it and those who asked for it. From asking from others too much… to just giving without expecting.

Most importantly, for every action, know well, that He azza wa jalla is Who Observes All.

The Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) replied: “It is to worship Allah as though you see Him, and though you do not see Him, you know that He sees you”


Al-Ghazali states,

“The attribute of watchfulness is only praiseworthy in man if his watchfulness is directed to his Lord and his heart”

 The All-Observant does not only see our bad deeds, but also our good deeds. Let’s give more charity because we know He is watching; let’s be good to people despite the fact that we may not be feeling it at the moment, all for Allah because we know He sees all.


Bitawfeeq to sahabats who are reading this from Misr *cough*, the ones I know, the ones I have never met (wave) and yeap, typing (blogging) is always my destressor, so don’t be surprised if you see me blogging even it’s on the day of my exams.

I miss Muhammad Nazri Ismail and Muhammad Naim Ismail for only Allah Knows What Reason. May Allah Keep you both in the best of health. Don’t forget your tiny sister here please and keep her in your duaas. Don’t forget your Quran and the night prayers- your extra strength supplier and please do miss me even a bit 😛

I know we should not expect from anyone, but me, my bros at least hahs!

From Tie to Bow- let’s Ganbate ne! Give your best! Biidhnillah!


Allah Knows Best!



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