Aliff Lam Lam Ha

To die for the sake of Allah.




By the sky containing great stars


And [by] the promised Day


And [by] the witness and what is witnessed,


It was a super hectic moment at the hall. Despite the hugs and all, he need a space of his own. He sat on the bench, looking up above him. The stars were not bright as it usually is. There stood the moon half round. SubhanAllah. In the most beautiful skies he asked the moon. One of the best things he look forward to every single day. SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi, subhanAllahilladzeem.

There must be a reason why Allah Has Created the days and nights. For every single thing He azza wa jalla has created, He Wants us to ponder upon. Imam As Syafie, a great scholar said, “Life is indeed like a boat sailing on waves. Despite you doing nothing, just staying still on the boats, the boat still moves when the waves hit you.” That’s life, it moves even you doing nothing. Every second pass even you stay still. Even if you were to sleep for 48 hours, the time still passes and there will be others who will cease time and do things. Without waiting for you. SubhanAllah.

‘O moon! I have many tales, I shall cite to you the most dear and precious! I shall tell you about them as they contain accounts of devotion, compassion and victory. They also contain moments of emotion, desires and tears as abundant as rain,

You surely know plenty of them, since you embrace both sea and land. 

O moon you have lead a long life and you have associated with the ones who have passed from our people!

So do relate to me every incident, it (the moon) expressed thirst for such a c And conversation… And its radiance increased, pleasing the eyes…

And it said : Do you mean tales of the gracious prophet? Perhaps you mean As Siddiq? Or do you mean Umar? Do you mean the men who have terminated corruption and revived the people with the guidance of the book? (Quran)

I’ll tell you that : My eyes have seen the purest intentions… and the most inspiring lessons. Those are the people who had even taught dignity… it’s highest conducts. 

A loft, well mannered prophet with his sahabahs around him twinkling like pearls!

Dignity sleeps at the very tip of  his eyes and awakens on his voice at the early dawn!

O youth of Islam!

Our nation has built great expectations on us. 

They built towers resisting the blasts of corruption, 

and mocking deviancy whenever it appeared. 

Will you now strengthen your structure…

with foundations of justice which refuses this corruption.

And the one who seeks Allah’s refuge.. will be shielded from every harm.

It’s difficult for the beholder not to see the youth of Islam rejecting frailty

and my heart detests the submissive walker a man whose despised even among his peers

A man, who’s ancestry shattered disbelief then that disbelief shattered him, when he forsakened his faith!

He refused to adhere to Islam he was standing on the highest of peaks , and then he glided down.

Brothers and sisters, the worst of ordeals is a servile (excessively pleasing others)  which once has been respectable to the beholder.’

”Hold yourselfaccountable before you are held accountable. Weigh your deeds before they are being weighed by Allah azza wa jalla.”

[Umar Al Khattab r.a.]

Allah Knows Best.


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