Hidup ini indah jika segalanya kerana Allah Taala...:D

GP is cool!

Assalamualaykum 🙂

The new world of Medicine

Just stated my new rotation of General Practice and being attached to one of the kindest doctors I have ever met. Seriously. This is not the make belief kindness I’m about to share. Starting with the books the doctor gave me nearly every day for me to bring home and read, to the teachings that he never missed. I think I’m opting for a GP as my wishlist to pursue my career. (hehehe) Always changing from one to one. Always hopping from one to one. Before this, when I did a 6 weeks attachment with the Respiratory Medicine, it was a Respiratory Physician. Then last weeks, the psychiatry, kind of made me interested in opting in the world of minds and hallucinations. Then now, I’m falling for a different new world, GP.

Just sitting in with the doctors nurses and the receptionist makes me feel content. Plus another young lad who is in his transition year, trying to have a taste of what medicine is. In the lovely area I was attached, Dun Laoghaire never failed to bloom my heart. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for all Your Ni’mats.

The new discovery of halal restaurants here makes the heart grows fonder, thus I choose to walk from the practice to the pier. Wonderful sights of adorable kids in colourful dresses and the heat is nearing like in Malaysia mashAllah. Perhaps, a practise before I go back home this summer holidays.

One more year to go , and it really shoot me in my head when I was introduced to patients, “This is a junior doctor, Doctor Nur, will be a doctor in this time next year.” In my mouth I told them “Hopefully” but in my heart I repeatedly say “InshAllah inshAllah InshAllah”

Half of me wants to jump into the arena of working zipzapping sleep depriving less haha less hoho but the other half kind of start missing the days of being haha, being hoho being able to jump in activities I never tried before this being drowned and struck by migraines in piles of books. SubhanAllah, how time flies and how age starts to grow. How I’m supposed to be more more more matured than Sultan Mohammed Al Fatih, but how I’m like this. 😦 How I’m still crawling to be a successful daie and how others have achieved. Ya Allah, I’ve still to learn more inshAllah!

I Can Do It

In the mission of finishing the series of lectures by SBA. MashAllah, best lectures ever heard!

This week & next week mission, bismillah!


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