Hidup ini indah jika segalanya kerana Allah Taala...:D

Self reflect.


Remember why Allah s.w.t Helped Prophet Musa a.s. when he was lost of ideas and did not know what to do when Firaun was hunting him to kill him? At the front was the sea, and at the back were the army? Why?  It’s because he has the trust in Allah s.w.t and He was sincere about it subhanAllah. 

“And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.”

(Surah At Talaq :2-3)
Indeed Al Quran is the best of story books which never fails to bloom the sadden heart. Shine the tangled wires in the head. SubhanAllah. At a moment, I just look at the ‘mountains’ of problems my sahabats are sinking into, I thought, what will I tell my children about. How did their mother undergo those, did she just brush away all the dust and go through them, or did she set up straight, put her trust in Allah and solved the issues one by one.
Despair, hatred, unsatisfaction, fooled- these are the colours which colour a human being. Without these, we are know as feelingless and not alive. Thus, as Muslims ,most importantly how do you develop these feelings to something acceptable by Allah. Let what other people think (because indeed they are temporary) and you do everything all for the sake of Allah s.w.t.
Me being in the middle of Psychiatry rotations. Alhamdulillah ala kuli hal, one of the rotations I feel happy so far. Why? Because, I can ‘play around’ and get active in some of the projects I love so much. However, the results for the past exams are patiently waited for.
Some of the aims of the month April
(ahah, not this one above, that was a random picture. soq)
1. Finish one of my sahabat’s favourite book
2. Create & Design the best training program ever for my favourite team
3. Get ready to fly home. (Where the heart is truly is)
“Love for human beings, indeed it’s so temporary.
but Love for Allah. And HIS Love back to us. That’s the utmost happiness one can ever get.”
hey makcik, stay strong okay!

2 thoughts on “Self reflect.

    1. thank you, may Allah Reward you for stopping by. These are special reminders to myself utmost importantly, then, to those who are concern. 🙂

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