Hidup ini indah jika segalanya kerana Allah Taala...:D

The 10

10 Qualities of a Leader by Umar Al Khattab (r.a.)

1. Al Qawiy al Ameen
The strong and the Trustworthy
Strong in this sense wasn’t physical strength but more Competent someone who was competent in that field.

2. Albasar bil 3amal
Experience, He was looking for someone with Experience , a different type of Experience, Experince in Life The ppl once nominated a man for a post and were praise.

3. He would never appoint a relative
It is enough that one of us will be trailed by Allah SWT on the Day of Judgment
And truly this is a big Amanah .

4. He would never appoint some who would ask for it.
If he feels that someone is seeking/asking for the position he would avoid him,
Who ever asks for this affair would not be supported by Allah in it
And if a person is appointed in a position of Responsibility then Allah SWT will help that person, but if a person asks for it and struggles to get then Allah SWT will leave that person alone, and in a postion of Responsiplty TRUST me you need Allah Help 100%

5.  Umar ibn Alkhattab would ban anyone who was in apostion of Responsibility to be involved in Trade or Commerce.

6. Also got to for with the above, is he would make sure they didn’t make surplus before and after the took the postion

7.He would make them sign a contract and there would be witnesses, and in that contract there were terms such as Don’t Ride Expensive Horses and Eat expensive food.  So his governors were basically servants for the people.

8. He would make shura before he would choose a wally, He would consult with the senior Shahaba before choosing some one.

9. If he doesn’t know the Wally first hand he would test him , he would not rush to judgment, Sometimes we are very fast to make judgment, a Muslim should not rush to judgment

10. And last but not Least Umar Al Khatab r.a. would not allow him self or any of his governors to Appoint any Non-Muslims..


Jzkk for sahabat who shared 🙂


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