Aliff Lam Lam Ha

seek HIM first, not last.

Sitting in full depressed mode, or more of a regretful mode in the hall, the 50 mins of’ ‘horror’ has finished, and everyone was in the midst of joy and some regretness.

“So sad!”

A sahabat came to him and said,

“Ya akhee, Duaa.”

He looked upon the sahabat with the saddest face.


“Duaa. That’s the best weapon of all believers.”


SubhanAllah, in the midst of learning all kind of duaas for all these years, he got a shot of 2 sentences and his eyes filled with tears. How crampy how happy how sad, how many times did he really seek Allah.


Slowly he packed all the tools he had used for the practicals, then his heart sank in sadness again. 

‘Yes, I know, duaa… Then what?’

A hand touched his shoulder, another young sahabat was smiling onto him and nodded.

“Ya akhee, seek Him first, seek Him always. Not only seek Him last.”

Again, the heart felt rampant, not because of those words, but for the truth he had behind those words.



At times of adversity, at times of ease, to be honest, most of us remember to make Duaa to Allah only when we are in difficulty. When we feel frightened, when we feel super nervous for exams, when we are drowned by multi failures, when we are too sad to say anything etc.

But SubhanAllah, Allah is Ar Rahman & Ar Raheem, HE never Fails to answer the duaas and make us feel at ease. When we are sad, HE Gives us happiness in 1001 ways. When we have problems, HE still let us close our eyes to sleep and to WAKE up the next day to solve that problem. When we are hungry, HE still Gives us the power to walk and cook something for ourselves.

HE does not gain anything because HE is the most richest of all, the heavens & earth all belong to HIM.

But us, upon receiving this endless ni’mah, what did we do?

To even wake up or to spend less than 10 minutes to PRAY – we still are calculative on that. To spend hours to study, work and vacation-ing, but when it comes to PRAY- we forget. Or more specifically, we act as if we forget.


To even READ the Al Quran, we are still calculative on that. We tend not to read because we say our readings are not perfect, we don’t have time, we ***** (all those 1001 reasons and excuses come out) but when reading facebook statuses, blogs endlessly, or even those thick reference books, having the strong motivation to memorize them off…


When Allah Gives us 1001 ni’mats in the last second you spent, you never said Alhamdulillah and HE Gives you more.

But when it’s time to PRAY or READ the Al Quran, you give 1001 excuses and, unfortunately, you complain more.


When you think you’re poor, Remember those orphans who are dying of hunger and counting the last seconds of their life.

When you think your problem is so big that the whole world doesn’t understand you, Remember those mothers who have watched their sons and daughters they have carried with them each for nine months just being exploded by bombs or crashed by buildings.

When you think you’re not the smartest in your class, REMEMBER those who have brains but non working neurone cells, trying their best to connect those cells, but those all are in Allah’s Hands.


To really find those who are sincerely patient & thankful, (sabr & syukr) is indeed difficult,

but to strive continuously for that, is indeed for those who really really want to gain taqwa.

“The best of faith is patience and magnanimity.” [Ahmad, Sahîh]



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