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a day of anisocoria

Assalamualaikum wr wbt,

Anisocoria= unequal size of pupils

It was one of the most interesting days of our beginning journey of Hospital rounds. I and my team mates, we were placed in the Ophthalmology department for a week, and what I can say now is Alhamdulillah.


Usually we had this intensive but interactive and very understanding tutorials from our tutor, but today we wanted something different, something more practical like how our other friends are doing. Some in the Endocrine department were taking histories, practising their physical exam skills on patients, some were placed in lung cancer clinics, and some.. were ignored. (this is so normal 😉 )

Everyone was pretty excited for the more practical stuff and we agreed to have some drops of tropicamide (a anti muscarinic topical eye droplet which dilate the eye) in one of our eyes. It was stinging for a while, but after that it was okay. We were told that the drug worked for a duration of 3-4 hours, and during that period we were learning the tutorials and stuff, and I was basically looking at the blue-eyed pals (clearer iris & pupils) and laughing because it was so different with the other eye!

But then, a surge of uncomfortability starts to creep in because I was starting to sense the cycloplegia (loss of accomodation) which was starting to irritate me subhanAllah. Quietly, I felt the deep sense of syukr, to Allah s.w.t. for the wonderful creations of human beings and one of it was the eye sight. Even though HE only took partial of the vision, still, it meant a lot to me. And my thoughts raced to my sahabats who were wearing glasses. The feeling of blurness was just… not good at all. This is one of the million zillion ni’mat’s that Allah s.w.t. HAS Given us, and how much did we use them to appreciate it. To read the Al Quran, to learn HIS wide knowledge? To lower the gaze from unlawful sights? Astaghfirullahiladzim. And these are the eyes who will ‘talk’ and ‘report’ to Allah s.w.t  for all our actions, be it small or big. Be it intended or forgotten.

After 5 hours, the anisocoria ended. Clearly, the other blue eyed pals were quite unpleased as well, because your eyes are dilating, you can’t constrict when there is excess light entering it, and you get these glares. And you can’t read what you write because of cyclopegia. SubhanAllah , Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar.

Ya Allah, Please please please make us all sincere in being grateful to every and each of your blessings.



2 thoughts on “a day of anisocoria

  1. I finished my Ophthal rotation last yr. It was a very3 interesting and fun rotation. We got to learn a whole new thing! 🙂

    You guys really tried out the mydriatics Diana? Wow!
    Didnt dare to try em cz I’ll be driving afterwards. Naya nnt. he2

    Truly Allah’s creations always put us in awe. Subhanallah! ❤

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