tinta tinti

realities. dreams. reality.

Salamualaikum wr wbt.

Taking a step back, looking what have I done for the year which is considered one of the most interesting years- 2010. I can write a book subhanAllah.

And this book will be stored in the most stable shelf because it’s too thick with some pages crumpled due to its over expressiveness 🙂

And one thing I as a mini abdullah, (the servant of Allah Azza Wa Jalla) is still struggling is- to WALK the TALK. To practise what have been learnt. SubhanAllah, things which have been taught in beautiful reminders, heart touching talks, and meetings, I still don’t practise them all yet. But I’m not giving in or up, will still try in every second Allah Is Giving me inshaAllah.

Will get busy-er with clinicals and all, but, that’s not even the slightest excuse to slow work down!

NOT at all!

Dreams- to be like Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih who did the most inspiring things ever heard at the age of 21. He conquered one of the toughest lands, he trained one of the best armies subhnAllah.  And me… 23?

Reality- people are complaining greatly for such very very minor things!

X is complaining about being hit by a shoe while our brothers and sisters in Palestine have been hit by BOMBS!

Y is complaining about no ideas to cook for tomorrow, while our brothers and sisters are thinking if they still have tomorrow!

Values of our complains and theirs.

Before complaining, let’s check out the values of complaining.


Narrated Abu ‘Abs: I heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) saying, “Anyone whose feet are covered with dust in Allah’s cause, shall be saved by Allah from the Hell-Fire.” [Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Book 13, Number 30]


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