treasure hunt!


I have to remember this day subhanAllah. At least, I know that I still can join treasure hunts or any hunts 🙂 Alhamdulillah. A big Jazakum Allah khayran katheera to the best inspiring sisters I’ve met, you guys really inspired me in every way subhanAllah. Running plus jogging plus brisk walking like nearly 3 km I say for two hours subhanAllah. That was really something 🙂 At least to me. 🙂


Then, straight afterward, we played futsal which I myslef don’t have a clue about the rules. But meeting the sisters whom I actually have no time to plan a game in the midst of the work and studies, I really appreciated the moment, alhamduliLLAH. It was good Alhamdulillah. And the feeling of jiddiyah and team spirit, I missed those days in Frisbee. And the other 2 sahabats of mine where we will throw those discs to one another while practicing and chatting about what happened to our lives. 😦 Time really flies so fast, isn’t it?



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