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The Sleeping Giant




The Sharing is what matters most.

Alhamdulillah, FOSIS and the other ISOCs did a great job, mashaAllah in organizing the talks. AlhamduliLLAH, I felt grateful to Allah, for the opportunity for me to follow up the tour starting from UCD until inshaAllah tomorrow, Dublin Mosque. Without further ado, due to the love of Allah and His Messenger, (s.a.w) I’m more happy to share some crucial and important points which we gained during the talks…

Trinity College Dublin

The Everlasting Pleasure 1: Making the best of your youth in the path of Allah.


AlhamduliLLAH, after the talk at UCD, which Syeikh mostly told us his amazing turnover from being a Christian to Muslim, the talk in TCD really moved me. It shifted me from the usual comfort zone to a zone where I need to ACT! Youth to some people may be a matter of enjoyment until you get the grey hairs, or perhaps WORK and WORK and WORK until you DROP out! Sheikh Yusha Evans (SYE) started with the ‘Paragons of Virtue’ which YOUTH has. As the young people of the community, the ‘SYABAB’ it really rings a bell that this SYABAB group really have something special in them. Therefore the assets WE have, should be used wisely because after this proactive era, the grey hairs will dominate our head, more and more. SubhanAllah. In our best Qudwatun Hasanah, RasuluLLAH s.a.w. has his youth which makes the MOST of his biography.

Youth: around the age of 15-40 years old

During the age of youth- the age of temptation. When the body is in full fuel, active thoughts, active actons. Also known as the age of fitnah if we do not use the period well. Always remember that life without Allah is not at all worth living.

When we are young, we tend to be more curious. And as the idiom goes, curiosity KILLS. Especially when the curiosity is settled not according to the Syariat of Islam.

PROPHET Muhammad, peace be upon him, once described that his was the best generation. “The best of the people are my generation, then those after them, then those after them.”

Your Superhero?

Now: Spiderman, superman and Wonderwoman?

Reality: The Superheroes in Islam are the ones we should look up to. Instill these superheroes’ fire of enthusiasm in our hearts. And into our children, so that we can live up how the live. One of the best examples during the days of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is the Story of Mus‘ab bin Umayr. The most beautiful and nice scented man, adored by the Sahabats, and the ladies too. His family was from the rich ones, his mother never failed to take the best care of him. Mus ‘ab was trained by his mother to be the leader of the leaders. One day, he heard about the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and he went to Darul Arqam to hear for himself the da’wah the Prophet s.a.w. was spreading. He became a Muslim, and when his mother knew about this, he was chained on the walls in his house but those chains still failed to break the Chains of his heart and Allah S.W.T. and His Prophet, S.A.W. He was sent to Yathrib to spread the da’wah among the people there, starting with the first oath by the 7 people who met RasuluLLAH S.A.W. ( Promise of Aqabah) From 7 people, it became 70 then 700 and the word of Islam spread well, mashaAllah with the hard work of Mus ‘ab, a mad’u of RasuluLLAH S.A.W. and his companions. He started spreading the word of Islam when he was 16/17 years old. And WE??? What were doing when we were at that age?

Another Superhero:

Usaid bin Humair

His story:

A brief glance of this wonderful person:

His qiraat in reading Al Quran AL Karim was so beautiful that the Malaikat were said to leave The Throne of Allah , just to listen to them. MashaAllah!

Saad Ibn Muad

He also contributed in the building of the 1st Islam Country.

The heavens trembled at upon his death! Masha Allah! Want to know why? Here’s the link

Zaid bin Tsabit

The first child category to embrace Islam. The bright hearted young man who proactively compiled the Al Quran, The Book of Allah that you and I are reading now. ( Mushaf Madinah) Also known as the adopted son of RasuluLLAH s.a.w.

Usamah bin Zaid

The son of Zaid bin Tsabit.

Mohammad bin Qassim

How Islam is spreaded to Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan and the other Asian countries?

Umar ibn Abdul Aziz

Also known as the 5th Caliph. MashaAllah, knowing his lineage was another surprise for me. MashaAllah!

When Umar Al Khatab r.a. was the caliph, he liked walking around the villages during night to check on his people. And then , he overheard a conversation whereby a mother wanted to mix milk and water together to be sold. However, when this was known by her daughter, her daughter said that the caliph did not let them do that. The mother replied that, the caliph will never know, but the 13 year old girl answered, “The Khalifah would not know, but the God of the Khalifah always knows.” Upon hearing this, Saidina Umar cried and was determined to marry one of his sons to the girl. They then had a daughter, Ummu Asim. Ummu Asim then married Abdul Aziz bin Marwan and then, they had a son, Umar Abd Aziz.

Imam Syafie

He was a Hafiz of Al Quran when he was 7, became a kadi when he was 13 years old, and at the age of 17, he already started giving out Fatwas. MashaAllah.

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

Started fill his nights with Tahajjuds since he was 10 years old and he narrated over a million of hadiths.

Ibn Taimiyah (Syeikhul Islam)

Some Muslims tend to brag about the increasing number of Muslims around the world, without thinking about the quality. An example could be seen in the Hunain Battle, whereby quantity does not matter, but the quality place the most important aspect in guaranteeing the productivity.

Another analogy-

2 billion wet matches cannot light a fire

But you only need 1 match to burn the whole city. (Analogy only. Don’t try this at home)

Tirmidhi Hadith :6225

Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “Paradise is desirous of three people: Ali, Ammar and Salman.”





What is Da’wah?

–          Linguistically: to invite, or to call to something

–          Islamically: A call/ invitation to Tawheed in Allah and Islam in all its principles.

Reference: Surah An Nahl, 16: 125

Ud ‘u : COMMAND – Allah is commanding.

Meaning that da’wah is an OBLIGATORY, same as doing Solah, Zakah…

Therefore, we cannot not do it J

Surah At Taubah, 9: 122

Surah Ali Imran, 3: 104

Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar-

Amar- from the word Amir: To Command

Nahi- Not only stop, but PREVENT

To tell them to DO Good, and to Abstain them doing the bad things.

Concept of Fardhu Ain- an individual obligation

Fardhu Kifayah- Sufficient for part of community to do

Doing Da’wah, Receive great reward: 41:33

In Al Quran. Every command for us to build/ streghthen imaan, MUST be accompanied with Amaal.

Ya Ayyuhaladzinaamanu wa ‘amillushalihat…

Refer: Surah Ali Imrah, 3:110

  1. Command to do good
  2. Forbid in doing bad
  3. Obey Allah S.W.T.

The Best Business: Da’wah Business J

Analogy of the Pyramid’s Business.

You tell 2 people to pray. The 2 people each tell other 2 people. Therefore 6 people pray to Allah. The other 2 call another 2 each to pray, 14 people are praying and the maths goes on! MashaAllah! See how much profit you get! Too valuable to be counted! SubhanAllah J

Therefore, the occupation we have now, let’s make Da’wah as the conjoined occupation in every one of us J

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

“Convey from me even a single ayah” (Bukhari)

To what are we Calling






It is narrated that Mu’az bin Jabal

said: I was riding behind the Prophet

on a donkey and he said to me “O

Mu’az, do you know what is the right

of Allah on his slaves and what is the

right of the slaves upon Allah?” I responded,

“Allah and His Messenger

know best.”

He continued, “The Right of Allah

upon His slaves is to worship Him

Alone and never to associate anything

with him. The right of slaves

upon Him is not to punish any person

who does not associate anything

with Him.”

I said, “O Allah’s Messenger, may I

not give the glad tidings to the people?”

He replied, “No. Do not inform

them lest they rely on (this promise

and lapse in their service to Him).”

The above Hadith is mentioned

in two Sahih Books (Al-Bukhari and

Muslim). Mu’az narrated the hadith

avoiding the sin of concealment.

7 Conditions of the Syahadad. ( Syuruthu Qubulisy Shadatain)

–          Ilm

–          Yaqin

–          Ikhlas

–          Acceptance (Qabul)

–          Accompliance

–          Truthfulness ( Sidqin)

–          Love (Mahabbah)

–          Lastly, to die with the syahadah.

2 Main categories of Hidayah:

  1. Hidayatu Irshaad: Our duty trying to direct someone to the truth
  2. Hidayatul Tawfiq: From ALLAH, when Allah opens a person’s heart to Islam.

“The heart of the believer is between two fingers of the Merciful”

The only Du ‘a for Non Muslims: “May Allah guide them”

Being the messengers of the Messengers, Are jobs of the prestigious ones!

Therefore, we cannot run away from the same problems the daies have received, or gone through.

  1. Hardship
  2. Rejection

Therefore, it must be treated as an Izzah- A dignity whereby Allah has given to us. And in anything we do, when people ask, we shall answer, “Because I believe in Allah.”

Attributes of a Daie:

  1. 1. Knowledge (16:25)

–          Wisdom and hikmah only given by Allah.

–          Knowledge about which he/she is calling to: Tawheed, and knowledge of the situation of the person to whom he is calling.

  1. 2. Ikhlas
  2. 3. Sabr

How to give the call, (How to make the sale)

–          12: 108 AQ

Ma’rifatuLLAH: Understand Allah, Understand the Sifats

Ma’rifatunnabi: Knowledge about the Prophet S.A.W. Read the Seerahs

Ar Raheeq –Makhtum ( The sealed Nectar)

Ibn Ishaq

Imam Ibn Wahab

Abd Salabbi

Ma’rifatul Islam bi adillati wal hujjah


Vision: Which Comes after knowledge.

–          Begins with the end in mind. Where a vision must be set, in order for us to go far. \

–          And the ultimate vision is that: we want to be pleased with Allah, and do things beneficial to us in the hereafter. InshaAllah…


Therefore, when doing something, do this checklist:



If unchecked, DON’T DO IT!

Above this, always check our doings, if it is ikhlas, and in accordance to Sunnah of RasuluLLAH s.a.w.

Highest level of TAQWA: we stay the same during personal conditions ( on ourselves) and in front of people. Eg: We do good deeds in front of people and we continue doing that when we are with ourselves.

Be alert with the latest news regarding our Deen:

Have you heard of the Fatihahs?

GAYS AND LESBIANS IN ISLAM?????? AstaghfiruLLAHiladzim….

Recommended Book: The Islamic Awakening by Syeikh Uthaymeen

In da’wah as a Muslim, one must adorn oneself with beautiful manners.

Rasulullah S.A.W. never passes anyone without a smile. SubhanaAllah! And US??????

Analogy of the Straight Expressway and Divisions Syaitan are creating…

We- travel straight, and CLOSE the divisions so that other people would not go to those divisions!

The road signs the Syaitan is creating, we CHANGE the road signs so that others go straight! That’s a DAIE!

Ref: 6:34

Do not forget to Tawakkul

–          To trust Allah S.W.T. Completely!

–          (3:173)


  1. Must Understand the Islamic Minhaj (1st 3 generations)
  2. Must Understand to whom they are speaking to: ask close-in question
  3. Wisdom and tolerance- Take center court. Drive the car, and DON’T let the car been driven!
  4. Be Presentable. LOOK like a Muslim!
  5. Honourable source of income. No RIba, Halal Way!
  6. Be willing to help others. (Ta’awan wa tawassul)


Venue: RCSI

Title: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll




Assalamualaikum WaRahmatuLLAh Wabarakatuh…

The to be continued SYE talk :) Regarding the one in Dublin Mosque, Alhamdulillah i attended to SYE talk. Eventually it was a conclusion of the previous talks, and most of the points have been written, inshaAllah. Forgive for all the khilafs/ wrongtypings and all…

Sheikh Yusha Evans: Part 2

Date: 8th November 2009

Venue: RCSI

Title: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll- Dilemma of the Youth

The starting of the lecture was refreshed with the ideas of a Ghuraba’, being a stranger, and how to be a stranger, so that inshaALLAH we will be in those strangers which gain the highest ranks in The eyes’ of Allah, inshaAllah.

“Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers.” [Muslim]

With this hadith, surely most of us will pause for a second and think, “Strangers? The ones we are not supposed to talk to, the ones we should be aware of, be suspicious of? Why glad tidings?”

MashaAllah. The uniqueness of the language can be well shown here. SubhanAllah.

The first strange thing- To worship Allah alone.  The act is already considered strange to some people and those youth whom are involved actively in that ‘strange’ thing are considered strangers.

Another hadith to think, and digest on:

“Whoever seeks Allah’s pleasure at the expense of men’s displeasure, will win Allah’s Pleasure and Allah will cause men to be pleased with him. And whoever seeks to please men at the expense of Allah’s displeasure, will win the displeasure of Allah and Allah will cause men to be displeased with him.”

(Ibn Hibban, Saheeh)

From the hadith, it firmly tells us to recheck on what basis we are doing something. Are we doing it for the sake of humans, whom have no guarantee ticket for us in Jannah Allah.

Allah Chooses the ones He wants to dignify or humiliate. He Has the Right to do everything Allah wants to do.

Surah Al Baqarah, 2:120

Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) till you follow their religion.”

In this world, to fulfill other’s needs, we will not able to find an end to it. They tell us to change our hairstyle, then we changed. And then, they say, that the clothes have to be more fashionable. MashaAllah, since when did the fashion stopped. Since when fashion stayed the same within the last season.  People’s hearts keep changing, their opinions do change too. That goes the same with the world’s  fashion.  What cool today, isn’t cool the next week! And WHO knows the exact definition of COOL??? AstaghfiruLLAHiladzim…

Therefore, in the midst of those spiky hairs, and colourful faces full of make-up, being a Ghuraba’ is actually an HONOUR for Muslims. Why do we not know that?

Airport Story

SYE shared with us a story in the airport. ‘Random’ checks were considered normal to those bringing the image of Islam. (I’m not complaining, yet) However, one of the PIC of these checks told SYE that he really looked up to those Muslim brothers and sisters who do not feel any shame in bringing the image of Islam wherever they go, even though they had to endure the ‘random’ checks, SubhanAllah. Even a non-Muslim can feel that way, then why US, MUSLIMS, feel ashamed to walk with the handsome beard and beautiful hijabs?

The Next Generation, Starts with US

People may come to us and ask us, “Hey! Wanna join us in the parties?”

And we’ll think for a few minutes, look down, look right, look left, and finally say, “Oh. Sorry. I have something urgent on, I can’t come.”

What’s the matter with US? Why not just answer, the fact that we are MUSLIMS, and we can’t attend to those parties full of alcohol and free mixing because Allah Says No? SubhanAllah. Here comes the importance of our ‘Izzah as a Muslim. The title is not to be hidden and only exposed during the Jumaah prayers or Eid Celebration only. It is a title of ‘Izzah to our hearts, which we carry in every single thing we do. The way we talk, act, and think. ‘Izzah- Pride as Muslim.

And with this ‘Izzah, comes dignity and respect. With this ‘Izzah, we’ll not let others bring up any foolishness to us, asking us things which the Ad Deen forbid us to do so.  And because of some of us whom do not realize that we tend to beat around the bush with this Ad Deen, we tend to do things, the incomplete , the imperfect way.

“O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Verily! He is to you a plain enemy.

Then if you slide back after the clear signs (Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and this Qur’an, and Islam) have come to you, then know that Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.”

(Al Baqarah: 208-209)

  • Let’s muhasabah, and recheck ourselves. Is this life we follow, the life of Ad-Deen, Islam, or is it only the life of Syubhah and Syahwat? ( with pleasing and desires)
  • What’s IN stays IN, and what’s OUT stays OUT. The rules in the Muslim’s Manual never change. For (approx) 1400  years, the As Syifaa’ never change.
  • Yoonus Ibn ‘Ubayd (rahimahullaah) said: “There is not a thing more stranger than the Sunnah. And what is more stranger than it, is the one who knows it.”

Analogy of the 2 Roads

SYE gave an analogy regarding the situation of those who became Ghuraba’. It’s as if there are two roads which go in 2 different ways, one north the other south. Most cars are heading to north, and only 2 or 3 cars are heading south. Those car drivers heading north will surely see the people as heading south as ‘strange’ but those heading south, are confident, that the path they are taking is the right and the best for them, inshaAllah although nearly everyone is opposing them.

  • At-Tabaraanee reported from the hadeeth of Abu Hurairah, radyAllaahu ‘anhu, that the Prophet. sallAllaahu‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “The one who clings onto my Sunnah at the time of the corruption of my ummah will receive the reward of a martyr.”
  • Always remember the two THINGS which will prevent us from getting astray:

Al Quran, and As Sunnah. These two are used in an analogy of brake and fuel. If we only have the Al Quran and we do not follow the As Sunnah, it is as though we’re driving with fuel, but without brake. And vice versa.

Rasulullah S.A.W. has designed for us to be strange, to stand out. And there is a REASON why that is so. Why do we bother to follow others if we tend to follow them? How are they able to follow us when we are the ones following them?
MashaAllah, the best for us to follow, the BEST qudwatun hasanah, is Indeed, the Prophet, S.A.W., The leader of all leaders, the leader of HUMANITY. And when asked to Saidatina Aisyah r.a regarding Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.’s character, she replied “The Walking Al Quran.” SubhanAllah…

  • Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Apostle said, “All my followers will enter Paradise except those who refuse.” They said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Who will refuse?” He said, “Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise, and whoever disobeys me is the one who refuses (to enter it).”

  • On the authority of Thawbaan , the Prophet said:
“The People will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their food.” Someone asked, “Will that be because of our small numbers at that time?” He replied, “No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be froth and scum like that carried down by a torrent (of water), and Allah will take the fear of you from the breasts (hearts) of your enemy and cast al-wahn into your hearts.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what is al-wahn?” He replied, “Love of the world and dislike of death.” [An authentic hadith recorded by Abu Dawud and Ahmad]



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  1. Slm Wrh Wbt,

    Finally….Alhamdulliah, found the blog which has the YE speaker tour lecture points.

    Subhan’Allah this is really comprehensive.

    The book he recommended was ‘The Noble life of the Prophet’ (SAW) by Shaykh/Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi.

    Mash’Allah a brilliant article though. Please can u upload the lecture points from RCSI please?

    Can I spread this article to others please too?


    1. MashaAllah… This is merely an article, with lots of grammatical and spelling errors. i just wrote it to share with my sahabats who wants to know more about the talk… But, if you find it useful, do spread it, inshaAllah it’ll benefit others as well…

      JazakAllah khayran kathira for stopping by.

      1. Yeah that improves with time & practice insh’Allah.

        Again if you could do the same for the RCSI lecture on the strangers then that would be brilliant insh’Allah.

        Barakallahufiq Wajazakallahaire Sister.


  2. masyaAllah…:)*thumbs up* beats my notes!

    p/s:if only i hv the video of d talk…n d time (actually, time management skills)to write these down…:P i would!that was my fav lecture!

    anyways…kudos all ISocs mA have gotten together and given their best for this…may Allah reward the efforts and sacrifices.ameen.

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