tinta tinti

syukran ya ammu! ;)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh 🙂 [May the peace, blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you…]

Just finish another task. Well, not finished, exactly, but… finishing… InsyaAllah… However, without Allah’s will, without the HUGE help of my beloved friends, whom I love as sisters… ;), the task will never find a resolution. Alhamdulillah, Thank YOU, Allah, for the love, for the ni’mat of having such wonderful people around me. From the apex of my heart, (hrm. that is the 5th intercoastal cartilage, at the midclavicular line… haha…:D) I would like to thank all of you for such a ‘hanya dibalas ALLAH S.W.T.’ effort… To Kak Atin although she just finished her ‘yummy’ task in the halal food festival. To Kak Nabila for the wonderwonderful support. To Kak Syafawati for the superbly help and support 😉 To Kak Farah A (not S :)) for the touching assistance and support. To Kak Rohaya for the missable laughs and supportive atmosphere :D… To Kak Mims for the lovable support. Ant to the others whom I may not mention..  I would like to take this chance to say “ana maalisy jiddan” to all for my mistakes (hrm.. hehe.. especially kak syafawati ye.. ) … gomennasai! 😦 hehe… I’m not typing these to  make people ‘bangga’ or what. It simply means, there is no other way to repay their wondersuperduper help with Allah The Almighty’s will to make the task or project a S.U.C.C.E.S.S.!!! 🙂 ( waaahh… ana terharu!)  There are going to be lots of events and events coming up, so, let’s ganbatte ne! Let’s do this for ALLAH S.W.T. and Rasulullah S.A.W…. The Islamic Awareness Week, a.k.a. IAW , here in our university 🙂 The events such as Halal Food Festival ( which just went by… hehe…), Hijab Fashion Show, Al Quran Recitation, Go Kart Competition. These are just a few from the lots of events the Isocs organised… Alhamdulillah… 🙂 So, for those who are able, can, help in making these events a success, do come, and let’s work hard! InsyaAllah, in whatever deeds we do, we’ll be repaid by Allah S.W.T… InsyaAllah…

” O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allâh, He will help you, and make your foothold firm.”

(Al Quran, Surah Muhammad , 47:7)

Wallahualam… 🙂

This vid, dedicated to myself and those people who are concern… 🙂


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