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a night to remember

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. 🙂 alhamdulillah, Thanks to Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. It was indeed a night to remember. A night which touched my hearts, and the hearts of my sahabats. In spite of the flu, cough and sore throat we had, that night opened another arena of our thoughts. It was nearly freezing cold, about 4 degrees celcius, (i guess) and we were at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive. Buses are non frequent on the weekends, so, we waited patiently. Lots of vehicles passed us as the cold wind keep blowing our faces, accompanied by the wet noses. I looked at my sahabats, how thankful am I to have them. Thank You ALLAH for such lovely people. While waiting, a taxi suddenly came from up front, reversing his car. I looked up, startled. ‘Perhaps, he wants to find some customers.’ That was the instant thought that strucked me. One of my sahabats talked for a while with him as the driver called her and she looked at me. “He wants to drive us home.” she told us. “Huh?” that was my answer. However, without further asking, my mind was again attacked by questions, ‘Why? How come? Who is this person?’ I sat on the seat beside the driver because the other sahabats sat behind and like me, I loved to talk and then before I could ask anything, he asked, “How are you doing?” “Alhamdulillah, fine, thank you.” “Alhamdulillah”. I asked a few questions and knew that he was from Algeria and he worked for a few years already in this country. I smiled. I thought. In the conversation, he said, ” Oh, it’s not about the money, sometimes, I know that Allah will repay all this.” I smiled wider. Subhanallah. Such deep thoughts. Being sincere is a thing that to me, not everyone can be. “Yes, sisters, do you want to hear some music?” “Oh, sure. We don’t mind.” “You will love this.” He switched on the player and I was expecting some arabic nasyid. Yup. I was. But I was wrong. The beautifully recitation of Al Quran could be heard as everyone kept silent throughout the journey. That touched my heart. How beautiful this presentation of da’wah is. How these recitations can be someone’s companion throughout his work. “Do you know the meanings of the recitaition?” A question which made me  “Alamak!”. I shook my head, “Hrm, I have to read the translations.” I have nearly no Arabic language basics. “If you could understand the meanings, you’ll feel the contentment, the peace in it…” I could picture the feeling though a little of it. He looked as if he has been in love with Al Quran, the words of Allah S.W.T. since he read it. Alhamdulillah, it was inspiring to me.  Nevertheless, I felt quite disappointed with myself. It was true that before that moment, there was this tiny feeling which made me feel awkward and a little afraid in trusting people. Why is this so? Is it because of news which already become a norm to our ears? :(( Alhamdulillah, tonight, I learnt something meaningful. The process of learning something new, something inspiring does not have a fix time, from some fixed people or at a fixed place. Because Islam teaches us to be Muslims and not only Muslims by name, but also by heart. Work as a Muslim, Learn as a Muslim, Behave like a Muslim. And learning something new is not soemthing we gain only from specific people. We ourselves can bring people and bring ourselves a step nearer to our Creator by doing something simple. It’s not complicated. The way we dress, the way we talk, the way we respond. These are some things which can be inspiring to others. Even with a smile, which is also a ‘sedeqah’ can cherish those in gloom and bring a spark of hope and joyness throughout our lives. Who knows, by that simple and sincere smile of yours can bring a new positive and brighter turn to the life of others? Allahuakbar! Isn’t Islam such a beautiful way of life? It is!

A useful knowledge I learnt from PUISI 2008 ( Perhimpunan Ukhuwah Insaniyyah Seluruh Ireland) at Kilarney, something to be pondered.

“When I go to Paris, I found Islam without Muslims, and when I go to Kaherah, I found Muslims without Islam.”

-Syeikh Muhammad Abduh-


A video of the PUISI 2008 PROMO… Can’t wait to share what I learnt there! :))



4 thoughts on “a night to remember

  1. subhanallah, such an inspiring and somehow give some spirits to me to improve myself as a Muslim, insyaAllah.

    da’wah is not such gving talk to people about this n that; varies ways to do da’wah, kan? 😉 [betol2~!]

    suddenly, i remember words from a sis that I know, “..kalu kite tegakkan islam dlm diri, islam akan tertegak d mane kite berada..sbb kalu kite pn tak berusaha muslim yg lebih baik, camne org yg kite seru kepada kebaikan tu nk jd baik..”

    here, once we meet woman in tudung, we’ll become excited~! hehe. although we never meet each other b4, but still we can have a short chat; maybe because we r Muslim in a foreign country.

    can we implant that when we r in Malaysia? hehe. just wondering.

    last Christmas, when my friends and I went to city for boxing day (hehe~) suddenly a man who passed by us said, ‘Assalamualaikum’ to us. from his ‘loghat’, I thought he is an Indonesian. wallahualam.

    what ever it is, I just be grateful and thankful to Him to send me here. alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. 🙂 to have all these experiences. 🙂 I know.. u too, rite? 😛

    btw, how’s the PUISI? must be ‘best gile~!’ kan. hehe. 🙂

  2. alhamdulillah… Jazakumullahu khairan kathira, nur syamimi… 🙂 Thanks for an inspiring comment! Hrm, bout puisi, I’ll post one, insyaAllah next time… Now, the mind and body is not quite well… 😛 But, PUISI 2008 memang BEST lah! ALHAMDULILLAH!!! Hehe… Thanks for dropping by!

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