Tell me about that.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim… Alhamdulillah… 😀 Thank you ALLAH for the an nur YOU have given to me. The nuur of ISLAM… 🙂 Time really gets green with me. Travels too fast and now, I just realized that it is already the November 17th. Had a ‘drive through’ at my pals’ blogs. Interesting captions, interesting stories. Lots to tell. Lots to share. There are so many stories, so many values of life we learnt, so much tears to shed. We thought that what we have known now is enough. But it never will. You add all the knowledge in this world right now and that is only a dip- size from the sea of ALLAH’s knowledge. Subhanallah. A simple reminder from a friend of mine … ” A Muslim’s Diary” and it really woke me up. “HEY MUSLIMS!!! WAKE UP!!! WE ARE STILL SLEEPING TO THOSE WHO ARE STILL UNCONSCIOUS!!!” that is really what I want to call out to all. The years we have spent. 20, 30 ,40, 50 , 60, years we have spent and we are still looking at each other thinking, “Hrm.. what is the purpose of ths life???”

“Hey. Stupid question! It’s money we are looking for!!! Money, fun,  vacations!!!”
“It’s the eternal happiness in this world we are searching…”

“Of course. My vision in this life is to work hard, play hard, and enjoy hard! hahahahaha”

“What? Vision of life? YOU don’t know? I don’t know either!!!”

What answers… You have your answer? Kindly comment please:)

Ok. What is this life for? We are born in this world. Thanks to ALLAH the Almighty and thanks to our beloved mothers. Then, we study so hard. We get graduated. Then.. We get a great job. We earn lots. Every morning, or afternoon for the evening shifts, we go to work. Then we meet friends. We laugh and work. We work hard. We earn more. We get tired. We need rest. We use a little of the money earned to go for a vacation. We have fun. We laugh, we eat, we rest. The vacation’s over, and we work more to earn more money. Australia was fun but what about somewhere further? What about Hawaii? We work hard. We do the overtimes. We gain more money. We go for a vacation when we get worn out. We meet people when we get bored. We work more… work fun work fun…. will this be the heart of our lives?


– I looked at the people around me thinking what are their REAL objectives of life. They claim to One GOD but it looks as if they had more. Some prioritize WORK than GOD. Some prioritize STUDIES than GOD. Some loved temporary humanbeings MORE than their GOD. Is their claim really true? Oh my, I’m really confused. Does the ‘kalimah syahadah’ stays as a ‘kalimah’? I pray to Ya Rabbal Alamin, to ALLAH the most gracious, the most merciful… For the light of ISLAM to always lighten our hearts… Please forgive for our mistakes and wrongdoings…. Amin.. Ya Rabbal Alamin… –



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